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Spy Pond Park

Arlington, MA

The Town of Arlington, MA, retained our team to restore approximately 1,700 linear feet of the shoreline at Spy Pond Park.

The existing bank had been severely eroded by stormwater runoff, resulting in compromised water quality, including high levels of phosphorus in the pond. As part of its work, we surveyed the wetland resource and submitted plans and documents to apply stormwater management techniques and restore the bank plantings, while addressing the public’s desire for access to the water. We also revitalized the park by upgrading site furnishings and by providing a pathway system that can accommodate emergency and maintenance vehicles.

We developed a planting plan to deter the Canadian geese that currently overrun the park, further damaging the pond’s water quality. This strategy has required a careful selection of plantings, as traditional grasses are a primary food source for Canadian geese. At the same time, the plants that are selected have to provide shelter and nourishment for desirable wildlife, such as nesting birds, turtles, frogs, toads, and mallard ducks.

Town of Arlington, MA

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Christopher M. Jones, Associate Director, Office Lead + Principal