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Emerald Gateway

Abu Dhabi, UAE

The three-kilometer-long site provides an opportunity to transform an anonymous vehicular corridor into an entirely new district for Abu Dhabi, which will attract and satisfy community needs for a full range of age groups. Through careful planning, the width of the site provides potential to surround housing with a garden-like, pedestrian-scaled environment and establish a balance with vehicular circulation.

We assisted KEO International Consultants of Kuwait to develop a master plan for the site that creates a green, recreational landscape rich in visual amenities that will serve as a “home away from home” for the expatriate community and a striking addition to the neighboring community.

Our concept views the site as a City gateway, providing motorists entering and exiting the city with a unique visual experience. A civic scale sculpture identifies the site and enhances the gateway experience. The site also creates a special opportunity to express Abu Dhabi’s green landscape and waterfront heritage. A variety of pedestrian activities at the base of each tower creates maximum place-making identities. Recreational opportunities for all ages are provided. A diverse and rich horticultural display provides a form of public art.

Abu Dhabi Municipality

69,000 sq m

Business Line

Middle East

Christopher M. Jones, Associate Director, Office Lead + Principal
Carl Frushour, Associate Principal
James Kros, Senior Associate