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East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Courtyard

Knoxville, TN

The East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Courtyard provides a passive space for children and families coping with severe and terminal illnesses. This 1,200 sf area is a rooftop garden designed by our team in collaboration with Knoxville artist Marga McBride.

In addition to the hospital’s “butterfly room,” the courtyard provides a peaceful retreat from the more stressful neonatal intensive care unit. The program includes an arbor with rocking chairs, ornamental trees, pedestal paving, moveable tables and chairs, shrubs, groundcovers and a signature sculpture with a water feature.

Designed with earth-tone colors, vine-covered walls, a splash fountain, shaded seating and planted niches, the courtyard provides an inviting and soothing variety of spaces for visitors to casually explore and enjoy. Prior to redesign, this area was characterized by a leaky floor, imposing brown brick walls, a dilapidated fountain and weathered site furniture.

East Tennessee Children's Hospital

1,200 sq ft

Business Line

US Southeast

William “Bill” Bruce, Jr., Associate Director, Office Lead + Principal
Cathy Offenberg, Principal
Patrick Osborne, Senior Landscape Architect