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Corniche Public Beach Master Plan

Abu Dhabi, UAE

We were responsible for creating solutions to energize and enhance a 1.2 km public beach strip in Abu Dhabi as part of a long-term program led by the government and in line with the guiding principles and vision of Plan Abu Dhabi 2030.

Solutions considered how the waterfront could be enlivened throughout the day, evening and seasonally. Initial improvements were implemented in preparation for Yasalam, the events and activities planned around the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix. These improvements were undertaken as part of a larger long-term development strategy for the entire Corniche area and public beach.

The team worked to enhance existing facilities, rather than redevelop the entire site. Obstructed views, dangerous intersections, and lack of pedestrian amenities were corrected. Temporary shade structures were provided to create opportunity for respite from the heat. The improvements created extensive recreation and leisure amenities that are easily accessible to all. Family oriented venues include a beach boardwalk and facilities for cycling, beach football and volleyball, as well as a skateboarding park. Places for entertainment and cultural and environmental activities were added to make this a true destination for the entire Abu Dhabi community.

Executive Affairs Authority (EAA), Abu Dhabi

1.2 km

Business Line

Middle East

Phil Colleran, Associate Director, Principal