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Casablanca Green Town

Casablanca, Morocco

Working as a subconsultant to an architectural firm, we prepared a master plan for a new, mixed-use community on a 900-acre site on the outskirts of Casablanca, Morocco.

This mixed-use development features a town centre with ground floor retail and upper floor residential, as well as office, cultural, and civic buildings, including a mosque prominently located on the town’s main piazza. In addition, the development includes various types of residences, from townhouses and garden apartments to multi-family condominiums, and luxury villas. The centerpiece of the development is a new 18-hole golf course ringed with a multi-use trail system and bridle paths, along with luxury villas. A hotel and country club overlook the golf course, as well. Supporting development includes schools, medical centers, a university, off-shore office/retail, and an equestrian center.

We provided place-making character concepts for all the open spaces within the development, from the entry drive, entry park and all streetscapes, paths and trails, to the town plaza, town green, town pedestrian spine park, hotel grounds, and housing neighborhoods. We studied the open space network at the large scale to create connections from space to space, as well as the small scale to create character, shape, and clarity of use for each space. Providing a range of gathering spaces for people, from intimate conversational spaces to large public assembly spaces, was an essential component to building community within this new development.

To assist the project owners in competing within the high end residential and resort market in Morocco, we worked to develop a high quality image and clear project identity right from the entry drive on in. Bold landscape moves were employed, using masses of trees, large sweeps of perennials, and monumental water features. Eschewing the historical Islamic garden approach typically used for such projects, we instead used a contemporary, innovative approach to materials, planting, and lighting to convey the development’s goals for a forward looking, 21st century residential and resort community.

CGI Developers

900-acre site

Business Line
Commercial / Mixed-Use; Planning


John Amodeo, Principal

Johnathan Law, Senior Associate