Our passion is inspired by our love for people and the planet. We believe that Landscape Architecture holds a unique responsibility to create a better, more resilient world for us and future generations.
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Who we are

IBI Placemaking emerged from the culmination of eight years of collaboration between CRJA, founded in 1959 by Carol R. Johnson, and IBI Group, a world-wide multidisciplinary design firm. IBI Group, based in Toronto, recognized the value of our expertise in landscape architecture and our ability to serve as the US center of excellence in Placemaking.

Placemaking at IBI Group is a global practice that includes Boston, Knoxville and beyond. Read about key insights from our leading Placemaking experts, and discover our portfolio of projects at IBI Group.

The Boston and Knoxville studios have expanded over the years into a 35-person landscape architecture practice serving national and international clients. We have developed a reputation for excellence in the design of both natural and urban environments. This multi-faceted reputation and our ability to collaborate effectively in team situations have led to long-standing relationships with our clients.

Our passion is inspired by our love for people and the planet. We believe that Landscape Architecture holds a unique responsibility to create a better, more resilient world for us and future generations. As landscape architects, we create healthy and beautiful spaces, the success of which is ultimately measured by the people who enjoy it, enliven it and make it their own, but also by the natural systems that flourish within it. These are Places for Life.

What we do

IBI Placemaking is a studio devoted to excellence in the planning and design of outdoor spaces. Our projects focus on people and environment, both natural and man-made, and the connections between them. We combine uncluttered design, horticulture, art, and sciences to make meaningful and uplifting places for people to live, work and play. Our design team works collaboratively with our clients and the community to make places best suited for those who inhabit them, both human and non-human.

We continue to grow, learn and adapt to remain at the forefront of innovation in landscape architecture and design. We embrace the use of new technologies to help us better express our designs and communicate with our clients. We use such tools as 3D visualization, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and Revit to develop and test our design ideas as well as to share those design ideas with the larger design team and our clients. We study and learn from natural systems to incorporate pragmatic and resilient solutions that are based in science but expressed in aesthetic language of each project’s context to make spaces that are visually and culturally of their place, function well, and delight present and future generations.
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We have received over 200 awards.
We are proud and grateful for the recognition our projects have received over the years.


Coolidge Corner School
2019 American School & University Architectural Portfolio Citation Award with HMFH Architects

University of Tennessee Johnson Ward Pedestrian Mall Extension
2019 American School & University Architectural Portfolio Landscape Architecture Citation Award

U.S. Embassy in Oslo, Norway
2019 AIA Eastern NY Design Awards: Institutional Honor Award in Design with EYP Architects

The Innovation & Design Building
Boston Society of Landscape Architects, 2018 Merit Award in Design

North Bank Bridge Park
2017 WAN Awards Landscape in Architecture Award
Boston Society of Landscape Architects, 2017 Excellence Award in Design

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Our legacy

For 61 years, we have been creating enduring landscapes that are embraced by their communities far into the future.

More About our legacy


IBI Group

IBI Group is a globally integrated architecture, planning, engineering, and technology firm. From high-rises to industrial buildings, schools to state-of-the-art hospitals, transit stations to highways, airports to toll systems, bike lanes to parks, we design every aspect of truly integrated cities.

Our collaborative approach focuses on future-forward solutions. We’re bridging the gap between design and technology, unlocking new potential in data-driven environments.

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