Uma Sankar's Article Featured in the Book "Landscape Architecture in India: A Reader"

Dec 22, 2016

In March 2012, IBI Group Associate Uma Sankar wrote an article titled: “Five Landscapes: The Tinai of the Kuruntogai” that has since been published in the book Landscape Architecture in India: A Reader. This was the third in a series of three articles Ms. Sankar wrote and illustrated that explore the way landscape is depicted in Indian literature: the garden landscape, the urban landscape and the vernacular landscape as depicted in three different pieces all written during the period between 500 BC and the 7th Century CE. The article was originally published in the Indian Journal of Landscape Architecture, a quarterly publication (, in March 2012.

Literature affords many glimpses into landscapes of the period of its time. Some pieces give elaborate descriptions, while others offer brief snapshots, to be sought out by a discerning reader. Some talk of royal palaces and their lavish gardens, others describe seemingly ordinary landscapes. In the latter category is the Kuruntogai.

You can read her full article here: Five Landscapes: The Tinai of the Kuruntogai