Recent Promotions & Certifications

Apr 03, 2017

We’ve been hard at work! Four of our colleagues have been promoted and two have new certifications. Read about the projects they are working on and what inspired them to pursue a career in landscape architecture.



Jeff Bittenbender, Associate
Jeff is currently working on the University of Rhode Island’s new engineering building; the Cambridge Watertown Greenway project to unify the new linkage with adjacent greenway segments; and the Merrimack Riverwalk project which is a continuation of the existing Lowell Merrimack Riverwalk.

“I became a landscape architect because it perfectly combines my love of the outdoors and my love of problem solving.”

Brad Brochu, Associate
Brad is currently working on Citizen’s Bank Headquarters Corporate Campus; and Draper Labs, an architectural renovation to existing atrium. Both are currently in the construction phase.

“I joined the landscape architecture profession thanks to a fondness for the outdoors, spending much of my life exploring the Northeast. For example, I’m currently planning a west coast expedition to Yosemite National Park where I will attempt to conquer Half Dome. I’m really looking forward to spring weather so I can get outside and continue training for the trip with my fiancé and dog, Wiley.”

Shane LougeeAssociate
Shane’s current projects are: New England Conservatory Streetscape and Student Life & Performance Center which is currently under construction; and Soldier Field Park Renovation which is both in the design phase and under construction.

“After an initial interest in studying Environmental Science in college I discovered Landscape Architecture and found that it was a great mixture of art and science. Then I learned the history of the profession and took a few studio classes, it felt like the perfect fit for me.”

Carolina Carvajal, Senior Landscape Designer
Carolina just finished working on the Edward Devotion School, a public K-8 school; and Middlesex School, an independent 9-12 boarding school. She is currently working on the Lawrence Rail Corridor, Kenyon College, and South Bank Bridge.

“It was my passion for design that led me to choose this career”



Nick Healy is now a Registered Landscape Architect
Nick is currently working on the revitalization of the First Church of Christ Scientist, Plaza and Taipei Phase II NOC Project in Taipei, Taiwan.

“I became a landscape architect because I have always been fascinated with design. When I was young, hand drawing and drawing on the computer took up most of my free time.  Landscape Architecture provides a way to implement those life-long interests and create places in the real world that people can use and enjoy.”

Qian Pan is now a certified LEED AP
Qian is currently working on the Constitution Center project in Charlestown, MA; and the Lynn Gear Works Residential Project in Lynn, MA.

“As a child, I traveled a lot with my family during summer vacations. I was fascinated by how nature and culture shape our living environment space and bring beauty to the world.  I actually thought of becoming an architect at first. However, my love of outdoor public spaces, public art, and plants lead me to become a landscape architect instead.”