John Amodeo's AIA Accredited Presentation on Water Management

Aug 16, 2018

Principal John Amodeo is sharing his expertise in water management on site with his AIA accredited presentation “Living Within Your Water Budget”.

Water on project sites is like money: whether one has an abundance or a shortage, the responsible and sustainable thing to do is to manage it well. John demonstrates how a project can best live within its means, from a water perspective. Water harvesting from roofs, using treatment plants to convert brown water into gray water for landscape irrigation, xeriscape planting approaches, water efficient irrigation systems, green roofs, infiltration galleries, rain gardens, bioswales and detention basins are just some of the strategies designers can use to make the best use of available water and best manage excess storm water on site.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how to establish water supply and water demand to establish a project water budget.

2. Gather strategies for managing stormwater runoff on site.

3. Understand the difference between various planting design approaches with regard to their water demand.

4. Appreciate the value in an integrated approach to stormwater management and water conservation.

If you are interested in this AIA accredited presentation for your office please contact John Amodeo at